mardi 7 avril 2009

Easy ADF ?

Not so easy.
The not-so-famous Application Developer Framework is quitte hard to seize. I'm currently on a project, by myself, using JDeveloper 11g. And we're going prod (with a pinch voice).

See, with ADF there are some really cool stuff. All RC (for Rich Client) components provide professional deisgn without effort. The AJAX technology built-in allow to do some cool stuff, without again, to much effort. Also, popup and dialog window : you've never seen such nice popups.

But, on the other hand, there are some incovenients. Let's say, on the top of my mind ...

- Displaying components the way you want is sometime a pita (pita ? we'll get back to that later)
- Application may not be stable with the only drags and drops of component. You have to fight for it (with a cave voice)
- In general, if you want to do something specific ... well. How to put it gently. Let's just say ADF Developpers will understand me here.Everything's said ! Wait no. What you may find on this blog : some serious shit (with a Dr Dre voice). I'm kidding.

You may find a lot of stuff related to ADF : development patterns, JAVA, designing application, nice stuff you may want to use, workarounds of certains issues, uses and tests cases ... All in one!

See ya

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